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Stand-Up Meeting


  • Is there something for any age at the Club?
    Yes! We have sessions for all ages. Summer League April to July for Adults and Juniors, Fall and Spring Leagues are drop in for all ages. Wednesday mornings there is drop in play in the morning. Tournaments have classes for all ages too.
  • Do I have to be in good shape before I start?
    Absolutely not. Horseshoe pitching is a low to medium cardio excersie for everyone - a bit of walking, pitching, and bending for the most part - and the lifting of a coffee cup or other beverage.
  • Is there a need for Volunteers at the Club?
    Always. We appreciate when our members are able to lend a hand. Volunteer assistance helps to keep our costs down. For the most part we do our own building and grounds maintenance, janitorial work, office administration, concession, scorekeeping at tournaments, fund raising, and many more fun things. It's your Club - get involved!
  • Do I have to be a member to play horseshoes or cornhole?
    Yes, you need to become a member. Full Membership is $75 and includes insurance to play horseshoes plus only full members can vote at the AGM. An Associate Membership is $30 and entitles you to play cornhole (cornhole insurance is extra).
  • Do I have to be good at horseshoes to join? Are there beginner groups?
    Everyone starts out as a beginner. and we all started some time. Our leagues they are handicapped so you can compete with established players that have played for many years. In tournaments, you will play in a division with folks with a similar ringer average to yours. Just come out and have some fun.
  • Do I have to have my own horseshoes?
    When you are starting out, we will lend you a pair of shoes. But it's nicer to have your own...they are sold at the Club - $50 for a pair.
  • Are there any other things to do at the Club?
    We organize a variety of events in addition to horseshoes: Cornhole Crib nights Darts Theme nights Fun crazy horseshoe events Tournaments and more later as we are all able to get back to normal.
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