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Accommodations for BC Championships in Vernon

Hi Tom :
       I have contacted a number of Hotels/Motels in the immediate area of our Clubhouse. Most are within a 5-10 minute walk distance. The rates shown are a  considerable reduction from the normal rates and people should identify as  Club members.
       Since our parking is quite limited, I would encourage people to consider these options first. I would also suggest that people not hesitate to make their reservations NOW, since there are a number of activities scheduled throughout the summer, and particularly around Labor Day that will restrict availability.

VERNON LODGE ( Prestige Inn)  250-545-3385
2 Queens (Outside facing)
June 3/4 : $144.50+tax/ night
Sept 2/3 : $187.00+tax/ night

QUALITY INN  250-542-4434
2 Queens
Sept 2 : $199.00+tax/ night
Sept 3 : $229.00+tax/ night

King Bedroom
June 3/4 : $150.00+tax / night
Sept 2/3  : $150.00+tax / night

CANADAS BEST VALUE INN.    250-549-1241
June3/4 : $129.00+tax
Sept 2/3/4 : $129.00+tax

SANDMAN INN     250-542-4325
Queen Bed
June3/4 : $147.00+tax

SILVER STAR HOTEL 250-545-0501
2 Double Beds
June 3/4 : $94:00+tax/ night
Sept 2/3/4 : $150:00+tax/ night

SCHELL MOTEL : 250-545-2351
Standard Room
Both June and Sept : $99.00+tax/ night

There are certainly many more places to stay but these are the closest. Drop me a line if you need any more information...Dwight Cousins ( President, Vernon Horseshoe Club)

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